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Organisations and people who focus on building and maintaining their reputation and credibility are
rewarded with increased trust, loyalty and profit.

At WordPlay Public Relations, we know that what you say and how you say it is important and
can make a demonstrable difference to your bottom line.

We are ambitious and results driven. Like our clients, we box above our weight.

We firmly believe that every business has a story. The magic is in the telling.


We will help you articulate or clarify your communications goals and create a blueprint to ensure you tell the right story, in the right way to the right people.


We adore words and pride ourselves on creating copy that people and computers love. From attention grabbing headlines, to click-worthy calls to action, we combine effective SEO tactics and sound journalistic principles to create copy that works.


We can help get you noticed by journalists, editors, producers and reporters working for newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online media outlets.

Content Marketing

The media landscape is changing. Brands that publish their own content now have the ability to become influencers within their industry and target audience via new digital channels with a targeted content strategy. We can show you how.

Crisis Management

We are now a generation of anywhere, anytime, any device users, which means a new level of immediacy that’s full of reputational challenges for businesses of all sizes. We help clients create and implement effective reputation management plans and act as an advocate for clients at a time of crisis.

Influencer Engagement

We can help you build mutually-beneficial relationshipswith targeted influencers and bloggers who can help amplify your message and get you noticed through engaging, creative content.

Capacity Building

We love working with existing teams and businesses of all sizes to provide coaching on a range of topics, including media training and communications workshops, to build in-house capability.


We can help you leverage strategic collaborations with brands that share your target audience to amplify your message and build your business.

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