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3 Ways PR Can Help Your Small Business


August is here! That means Winter is almost over… Yay! August 1 also marks the start of Victoria’s Small Business Festival.

In celebration of the festival and our *cough* booked out *cough* festival webinar, we decided it would be a good idea to list the top three ways Public Relations can help your small business:


  1. Build Brand Awareness and Authority

Public Relations focuses on strategically building and maintaining an organisation or individual’s credibility and reputation. People and organisations who invest in creating a reputation as an authority or leader in their chosen industry are rewarded with increased brand awareness. In short, PR lets people know your business exists.  Public Relations (particularly getting positive media coverage) also helps you to gain authority among customers. This will help your small business as people are more likely to buy your products or services if they believe you are credible and trustworthy.


  1. Improve Your Search Ranking

Investing in online PR (getting positive online media coverage and a link to your website from a major news website or prominent blog) will help to increase your website’s Google ranking.  That’s because Google considers major news websites to be extremely trustworthy.  Google has also just announced a massive change to its homepage – adding a personalised news feed to Google.com, similar to what you already see on Facebook. This will make optimising for the Google news feed (i.e. Online PR) a top SEO and content marketing consideration. It’s also another opportunity for small businesses and startups to get their products and services discovered by prospective customers through gaining online media coverage.


  1. Attract Investors

As well as helping to build brand awareness and authority, a carefully crafted PR strategy will also help your business to appear more established and can help you attract financial backing. Gaining positive media coverage also places you in a better position when negotiating with potential investors.

Public Relations is a great tactic for small businesses and startups as it can be inexpensive (if you do it yourself), relatively simple and accessible to product and service based businesses. While PR is not a silver bullet or replacement for your other marketing activities, it should definitely be included in your small business growth strategy.

About the Author: Penny Smits is Founder and Principal Consultant at WordPlay Public Relations. She is a former newspaper and radio journalist.

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